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Two product developers with VR headsets collaborating on a CAD model in 3D

Transforming Collaborative Product Design & User Testing

A woman in a VR heaedset performing product user testing

CADcog - A VR/MR platform for product user testing. 

Our secure and intuitive solution revolutionizes the process of user testing for complex hardware products, empowering you to efficiently gather insights about your product.


Our platform leverages immersive technology to unlock the true potential of user testing, enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of your product development process. By providing a quasi-real experience, CADcog enables you to interact with CAD models if they were physical prototypes.

Through the elimination of challenges associated with physical prototypes, CADcog brings tangible benefits - reducing cost, material waste and accelerates the iteration speed. However, the main advantage of our platform it that it simplifies the setup for product user testing which finally result in better - and more user friendly - products.


Our virtual approach marks a significant paradigm shift, introducing a new dimension of creativity and efficiency.

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