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The Full Story

About us

At CADcog, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to transforming the way teams conduct product user testing. With a team of industry experts and a deep understanding of VR/MR technology, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions that enhance productivity, optimize design processes, and improve product outcomes.


Our Story

CADcog was born because we had identified several significant challenges surrounding product design and user testing and we wanted to create a solution that would address these pain points head on. Some of the key challenges we observed include:

Geographical Barriers: Traditional product design often involves teams spread across different locations, leading to communication gaps and delays. Collaborating effectively becomes a challenge when team members cannot physically be in the same place.

Limited Interaction with Design: Conventional design processes primarily rely on 2D drawings or computer screens, making it difficult to fully visualize and interact with the product. This limitation can hinder creativity, innovation, and effective problem-solving and team communication.

High Costs and Time-Consuming Prototyping: Physical prototyping can be expensive and time-consuming. Iterating designs and incorporating changes becomes a lengthy process, delaying time-to-market and increasing costs.


Complex Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): Protecting intellectual property and sensitive information is critical in product design. Managing complex NDAs can be cumbersome especially when involving stakeholders outside your own organization, leading to potential legal and security risks.

Lack of Efficient Collaboration: Efficient collaboration is essential for cross-functional teams working on product design. Ensuring everyone is on the same page, understanding different perspectives, and effectively conveying ideas can be challenging without the right tools and environment.

Our goal is to empower product design teams, unlock creativity, and streamline the entire design process, ultimately leading to more innovative and successful products.

Who we are

Our core team embodies a dynamic synergy between research and technical leadership and we are committed to enabling thriving companies and sustainable production by continually innovating and providing a secure, intuitive platform that transforms the way teams work and delivers enhanced user experiences.

CADcog was founded by Ylva Hansdotter (LinkedIn) and Johan Holtby (LinkedIn).

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